How to optimise your profile

“We recommend you add as much information to your profile as you feel is necessary. Remember, employers will see the information on your profile when you apply for a role.”

Your biography is an important field which is commonly overlooked. This area allows you to express yourself and paint a pen picture of who you are. Use this area to show off as a person and be proud when demonstrating who you are. Employers like to see applications from people who they feel will meet their values. Remember, you need to enter a minimum of 100 characters.

When setting up your profile, make sure you use the correct contact information. You do not need to upload a profile picture; however, some people may wish to add this to give their profile a personal touch.

We would highly recommend you note your full employment history, as this will help keep track of key dates of employment and a history of employment which is beneficial to new employers. Adding this information also helps to speed up the recruitment process and assists with employer referencing should you be successful.

Adding your qualifications is a breeze thanks to our easy-to-follow signup process. Don’t worry if you cannot remember all of your qualifications, you can add and amend these late in your profile. It’s always best to show as much information as possible. Remember, employers are looking for current and transferrable skills and some of your qualifications can put you at an advantage over other candidates.