Health and social care recruitment

There is an indication that high and increasing staff turnover rates make it more difficult to deliver high quality care. With challenges proving extremely difficult around recruitment and retention. The perceived training and in-work support affect recruitment and retention in adult social care. In some roles, there’s also little opportunity for career progression, which makes it more difficult to attract and retain staff that have the right skills and values.

The challenges are only going to increase with an ageing population and more people requiring support.

👥 1.67m jobs in the care sector
🤝 -1.8% change in jobs with care sector in 2021
📉 Care worker turnover is over 34% as a sector

This is where Social Jobfindr comes in…

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Social JobFindr has been designed from the ground up to operate as a social based recruitment platform, which uses mobile only devices to connect applicants and businesses with by predefined filters, such as role type and location.

Social JobFindr has been designed to be used on mobile devices based on studies which show to favour mobile devices over conventional computers and laptops as a primary use tool for searching the internet and communication.

Social Jobfindr is here to meet that gap and ensure that recruitment is available to the majority.

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