How to create the perfect Job Advert

“Social JobFindr allows you to put job posts in front of people in your local area. In a sea of adverts, you want to make sure your roles stand out.”

Using short factual points relating to the role and your company make for an easy read. Most applicants will be looking for key details, such as working pattern, salary, locations etc. Make sure these points are emboldened and where appropriate, you can use emojis to help draw attention to the areas you wish to explain in your adverts.

We recommend advertising the remuneration structure for the role as accurately as possible. This will help to ensure you get the correct applicants and are transparent with people upfront.

Your advert must be a minimum of 100 words. However, there is also a maximum limit. Making sure your posts meet these limits and have as much information as possible is key to a successful recruitment strategy on Social JobFindr.