How to get the most out of Social Jobfindr

Social Jobfindr is an app that will allow for care workers, and care establishments, to post and apply for vacancies in the adult social care industry. It is made with ease of use in mind, with job applications being able to be applied for with pure efficiency.

Below we have highlighted easy methods to ensure you are able to optimise your use of Social Jobfindr.

Maximise your profile

Your profile on Social Jobfindr should be properly detailed and filled out. On the app, you will have sections on your profile that should be maximised and addressed sufficiently – with details such as relevant work experience, qualifications and your location all being factors that should be visible.


Using Social Jobfindr effectively will require you to be as active as possible. Due to how fast-paced and demanding the job process can be in the adult social care industry, you should look to be consistent and a regular user of the app. Job vacancies can be posted one day and then filled the next – therefore, you may miss out on an opportunity that you are fully qualified for.

Additionally, Social Jobfindr can also be used by care establishments. If you are looking to fill out a role that is open at your workplace, you should make sure you are checking the applicants regularly and be a communicative employer to all applicants – whether they have been successful in filling the position or not. 

Be transparent

If you are advertising a job vacancy, as an adult care employer you should be completely transparent in the ad you are posting. You should detail all job requirements, the hours, the location, any relevant qualifications that are needed, and give a detailed description of what the job entails. This will enable you to receive applicants who are appropriate for the vacancy you have posted.